Sulla soglia 

mi abbandono

This artwork is inspired by the story of our Bù Lù, tireless devourers of the darkness of restless nights. The box, entirely handmade, is covered with cyanotype prints on linen and it contains an artist’s book in fabric, rolled up on itself.

Opening the box, there is a dreamy an intimate atmosphere. “On the threshold I let myself go” are the words that introduce the viewer into the nights of six dreamers. Those tales focus on the moment in which the oneiric creatures manifest themselves in nightmares, to devour the torment and calm the dreamer’s sleep.

Bù Lù appear by unrolling the pages of the book that seems to rest in a horizontal position, in a dreamlike and secret space.

These visions are immersed in different shades of blue, a color capable of calming insomnia and that brings calm, balance, depth and silence.

The cyanotype prints inside the book were made thanks to the sunlight, which impressed the photographs of the Bù Lù with vegetal elements, nocturnal plants collected by the artists. Among these plants there are the so-called “four O’clock flowers” that bloom only in the evening and last till the morning, releasing their fragrance only at dusk.

Artist’s book with cyanotype prints on linen. Unique copy of 13 pages. Images and poems by Irene Lupia and Giulia Gentilcore. Hand printed by the artists in August 2020.