We offer you a workshop in which we will creatively recycle waste paper. Participants will learn how to build a wooden frame with which, following an ancient and simple process, they will create sheets of paper without using any glues.

The course will offer a brief historical introduction on the birth and realization of the paper and its use in the artistic field. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this material, experiencing its creative potential starting from its realization. After macerating old newspapers, old magazines and scraps of paper in water, everyone will create their own sheets, experimenting and personalizing their own handmade paper.
Being the result of handmade work, each sheet will inevitably be unique, even with its possible imperfections. Natural dyes and pigments, organic materials such as flowers, leaves and seeds will be added to the paper pulp.The procedure for making the paper will become a moment of sharing and reflection on the themes of recycling and craftsmanship, which require time and sensibility.


Duration: Eleven hours divided into two days (7 + 4)

Participants: min 4 – max 6

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