Most of the great artists have worked with engraving and graphic art, experimenting with their extraordinary expressive potential. During this experience we will try to make you fall in love with this ancient art: we will be immersed in a fascinating world full of wonder, where the smell of chalcographic ink, the surface of the printing paper and the sound of our tools will keep us company.

The course was designed for those who want to approach the world of engraving and learn about traditional methods and techniques of printmaking and graphic art. No specific preparation is required!

We will face together the main techniques of engraving on a metal plate (drypoint, etching, aquatint, pictorial manner and soft ground). We also will learn how to print matrices with a chalcographic printing press.

The course includes an initial theoretical approach to graphic art, followed by the presentation of specific tools and materials. First exercises will lead participants to familiarize with the plate engraving process. Personal projects could subsequently be developed and in the final phase of the course the participants will create a small edition of prints with the chalcographic printing press.



DURATION: 10 hours divided into 4 lessons

PARTICIPANTS: min 4 – max 8 


DURATION: 12 hours divided into 4 lessons

PARTICIPANTS: min 4 – max 8

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