Also known as Blueprint, cyanotype is an ancient photographic printing method characterized by the typical Prussian blue color. This technique is based on the reaction of iron salts exposed to UV rays. The workshop is open to all those who are curious to experiment with this versatile and funny photo printing technique: it is not necessary to have a photographic film, we will also print with common objects. We will print thanks to the sunlight… guaranteed amazement!

The workshop is truly open to anyone, without any limits. Each participant will be supported during the course and everyone will have the opportunity to bring home their prints. It’s not important to have experience with printing techniques, the only requirement is curiosity!


The course will be structured as follows:

–  Theoretical introduction on the printing method through historical documents, images and practical examples;

– Preparation of the photosensitive chemical solution;

– Choice and preparation of print media;

– Exposure to UV rays for contact printing of negatives or objects;

– Washing and fixing of the prints.


Duration: seven hours

Participants: min 5 – max 10

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