The artist’s book is not a book like any other. It’s an artwork often made by the artist himself in a single copy or in a very limited edition. Its appearance may change in form and content, depending on the artist’s sensibility. There are no pre-established rules for its realization. This course aims to offer an overview of the expressive possibilities of the artist book, its use by contemporary and non-contemporary artists. Participants will be assisted in the design and creation of two artist’s books, following guidelines regarding their structure. In particular, you can choose between an accordion structure or a single folded sheet. By following these few directives, everyone can express with any limits his creativity in the content of the book, creating a unique and precious art object.


The course will be structured as follows:

First day: Historical-artistic introduction of the artist’s book with examples and comparison.

Second day: Realization of the prototype of the accordion book.

Third day: Realization of the prototype of the folded single sheet book.

Fourth day: Analysis and development of individual projects.

Fifth day: Final discussion and collective vision.

DURATION: 10 hours, divided into 5 lessons of 2 h

PARTICIPANTS: min. 4 – max. 8

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