SCREEN PRINTING (basic course)


The course is designed for all those who want to approach screen printing. There will be a theoretical introduction to the technique and its use in the artistic field. Participants will have the opportunity to approach screen printing in all its phases: from the preparation of the image to its printing, passing through the construction and engraving of the screen printing frame. No print experience is required! At the end of the course it will be possible to take home a small edition of serigraphic prints and, if you want, you can customize something like shirts, fabrics, bags, posters, notebook or book covers …

The course will be structured as follows:

First day: Historical-artistic introduction of the technique. Design of the image to be printed and preparation of the cliché.

Second day: Construction of the screen printing frame, photosensitization and impression of the graphics created during the previous day.
(To facilitate the work and allow everyone to print in the best possible conditions, the participants will be divided into two printing shifts).

Third day: Print on paper. For those who wish, it will also be possible to print on various materials previously agreed with us.

DURATION: 9 hours divided into 3 lessons

PARTICIPANTS: min 4 – max 8

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