Drawing with light



Have you ever drawn or written with light?
Participants will be guided to discover the magic of drawing with light: in our lab we love to experiment with different creative languages, including printing in the darkroom. The course that we offer is not a traditional analog photo printing course, but an opportunity to explore the potential of this language in the artistic field.
No experience with printing and analog photography is required.
We will approach analog photographic printing using not only films, but also objects, drawings and even the shadow of our body. At the end of this experience we will have unique and unrepeatable analog images that will amaze us…
Who is curious?

The course will be structured as follows:

First day: Introduction to darkroom printing, its tools and its expressive possibilities.

From the second to the fourth day: Print and experiments in the dark room


DURATION: 8 hours divided into 4 days of 2 hours

PARTICIPANTS: min. 3, max 6


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