Estacco Mallo is our first project, inspired by I hate my village’s music. Made in a limited edition of five copies, each of which is unique. We finally decided to give four copies as a present to the musicians of the group.


Each copy is contained in a box. On the lid there is a handmade collage of geometric shapes that reflect the initial letters of the group name ( I H M V ). These letters were obtained from the carving of two black squares of the same size. The shape of the letter I represents the negative of the shape of the letter H. The same principle of complementarity is applied for the letters M and V.

Inside each box there is an artist’s book, a gelatin silver print and a poster with a QR code connected to a video animation.

The book has a three-dimensional flagbook structure. All the images in the artist’s book were taken on photographic film during different tour dates. The photographs were developed, printed and reworked in the darkroom. The layering of photographs, drawings, notes and objects obtained with the techniques of cliché verre and rayography has made it possible to obtain a hybrid result between photography and drawing on photosensitive paper.

Each flagbook is contained inside a case on which there is a laser-cut incision that allows the content to be glimpsed. Each case is distinguished by the presence of a letter on the back, the same represented on the box containing the whole.

Each box is also made unique by the inside presence of a photographic silver print, which portrays the member of the group to whom the work is intended.

An element that is common to all five copies is the poster obtained by scanning the four analog photos. On the back of that poster there is a QR code that can be scanned to access a multimedia content: a video animation created on the song “Fare un fuoco”. The video is made with the stop-motion technique, using stratifications of photos and drawings developed in the darkroom.